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sabato 3 agosto 2013

Khaled Nezzar: "We acted in the interests of Algeria"

We try not to say any thing! Khaled Nezzar had saved nothing! Instead, there were a number of kidnappings, rapes, massacres of the military even more than those of Islamist rebels. Practically there was a civil war. Just our great President Mohamed Boudiaf was killed during the black decade and no one has dared to want to take the responsibility to look for the real culprit until now.
In 1963, just after a few months of his presidency appropriation of Algeria, Ben Bella had authorized massacres and revenge and fierce cross that this lasted until 65 after the coup engineered by Boumediene (against Ben Bella), who sent the army in all regions of Algeria to disarm the majority of the population. Here was a man who had to save the Algerian population of a serious civil war. But, like Khaled Nezzar his time is unfortunately in black letters engraved in the hearts of all Algerians. He had taken off all his opponents by saving all (licking of boots) at his side.
If there is a man who had done something for his country, was Boumediene.
He had ruled the country under a semi-dictatorial, but nevertheless we are able to assign today Boumediene to go down in history as the poorest Algerian President nationalist. All the heads of state of the world have flaws and qualities, and there is no president in the world that has done only good for his country?

Khaled Nezzar : « Nous avions agi dans l’intérêt de l’Algérie »
Khaled Nezzar.

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