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domenica 4 agosto 2013

Lunch in Tizi-Ouzou public: for APS, "these are evangelists who drink beer!" - See more at:

Personally, I condemn these acts of sheer nonsense! Even in the 21st century continue to stifle with their doctrines strictly prohibited and continue to mobilize if necessary. Algeria is a free and independent State in which they are introduced different religions. Nobody should force a man to practice a religion that does not conceive. Algeria is not a totalitarian state, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, atheist, agnostic or something else? And the end of discord coming from abroad, from the western countries? And then what will they say? That the majority of Christians who convert to Islam are right but Muslims who convert to Christianity are corrupt? In this case, the Muslims once again demonstrate their unique dictatorship admitting only Islamized Christians, Muslims but not Christians? No one disputes the truth of religions, let alone the Prophet Muhammad who said, "You have your religion and I have mine," he had never had the courage to criticize or condemn, are of Arabized Berber-that create and invent interpretations not mentioned in the Koran. Evangelists If there are today, it means that already existed for centuries (1800 years) and that there were no opportunities to come out .. So like the Jews who have been deprived of their right to manifest itself publicly or to practice their religion. I think the time has come to say enough to the dictatorship, oppression, understatement of a man, that racial discrimination is enough! Everyone is free to enjoy his life as he wants ! In Algeria, they are all of the prophets who lead worship as they please, and particularly intimidating force people to succumb to their tastes. Religions are all alike, and there is a human being of our time that will reveal the truth of sacred truth It 's time to say enough rivalry? religion and slavery of human beings. Everyone has their own grave.

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