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sabato 3 agosto 2013

Morocco: Royal pardon for Spanish, rapist of 11 children, but not for Islam Khoualed

How generous of His Majesty Mohammed VI?? If it was an African instead of the rapist Spanish, would it pardoned by the king?? Anyway North Africans often lament against the errors of European justices and return here one (generosity) unique and exclusive from one sovereign. If this case had occurred in a European country, a prisoner like this would never be pardoned. Whatever be the situation and the political position, it has committed very serious offenses and he will be severely punished by law. In Spain, it would still be in prison. We can pardon a thief but not a criminal!!
Maroc : Grâce royale pour un espagnol, violeur de 11 enfants, mais pas pour Islam Khoualed

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