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lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Response to a commentator Algeria Focus!

Yes, of course, Christians evangelized America and not only in Asia and Africa by force. People today have confessed and realized the error of their ancestors.
Karim, you forgot to mention the Arab conquest of North Africa in 642 a, J. C? They deported after their return in 645 d. C. After being rejected for the second time by the queen and the king Damia Tadamaits and Kossayla. The latter have found the courage and strength to rebuild, after three years, in 645 a J. C, this time arrived announcing that they would only spread the new book, the Koran, but their intentions were different, and so they had to run for the weapons they had hidden in the backpacks of their asses. Once they killed Kossayla stabbed behind his back and killed a lot of Berbers, The queen,  Damia committed a suicide by jumping into a dry well in Biskra. Here's how it came to roughly Islam in North Africa. The Arabs were never really able to convince anyone to peaceful conversion. Where they were, they only have caused human and material damage. it is useless to hide it, they were so wicked and deadly, and since then from a very far until now. They use the update methods dictatorial and discriminatory.

But! It is written in the Koran that the Arab countries should take the land of the Berbers? Forcing them to become Arabs consider them in half or even never considered, and not allow them to study in their ancestral language, to eradicate them always with oppression? With what face an Arab has no courage to show me otherwise? Around the world, we will find at least 30 or 40 countries who wish to learn Berber, and of about 38 million people in Algeria, only the cities Berbers who study it. It is not clear that this is pure racism?? Black discrimination, is a terrible evil, an undervaluation exaggerated. They think they are smart and that their language is better? In wich country and when ever an Arab has invented something in Arabic? And it’s "the language of the Koran? No, it was Muhammad who could not speak a language other than the Arabic, and it was mostly illiterate. If Mohammed had spoken to the angel Gabriel in Chinese, the Koran would now be written in Chinese. In short, do not hide what which is the light of the day and try to be more clear, the world today is very cute.
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