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giovedì 8 agosto 2013

Russia, Anzhi changing music. Eto'o on the market

Personally, if it were to throw out a quality player with great experience, i wouldnt Our well loved Eto'o, it is sufficient that lowers his salary and the rest Eto'o is not a stranger to Serie A. Instead of throwing so many millions at risk on someone else if I believe that there will be a chance to get it back into the most beautiful championship in the world, you have to run immediately to negotiate with Anzhi, his current team. Sir, if Moratti hasten to accomplish this great task. Eto'o, the whole world is aware of the quality and prowess of this great player a great example to all

Samuel Eto'o, 32 anni. Ansa
Samuel Eto'o, 32 yearsi. Ansa

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