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mercoledì 7 agosto 2013

The names of newborns will be recorded in Arabic

It is shame Mr Sellal! You're even able to begin a discourse academic Arabic, giving directions where your skills are in the minority?? As for Dahou Ould Kablia his name reminds me a lot of friends Ethiopians original Falasha (Ethiopian Jews). It is not at all Algerian name. Leaders in power have names bizarre family?? which hardly exist in Algèrie?? But where do - they came from really??
These people do not want to understand with good?? We are at home in our country and our ancestors, we must still ask these donkeys Middle East permission to go to the bathroom??
You remember the great USSR?? It no longer exists! Who would have thought?? Just imagine the little Algeria??
There's an Italian saying: "O la va o Spacca"  will, or all or nothing. We must go through the world.
All things return to their original places! Numidia RETURNED TO LIVE!!
Le groupe des Berbéres

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