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giovedì 3 ottobre 2013

Algeria: DRS has organized a "coup" against Bouteflika?

We continue to circle and to focus on early elections , but in practice , they are only illusions and promises to the people of Algeria, who unfortunately lived in the hope of a change that never came. The President Bouteflika , even if it is no longer able to support the great mass of the nation on the shoulders , which is now weak and tired. A man on the threshold of the 77 years and everything consumed by the Marxist ideology that is no longer up to compete with the new generation of Obama, Hollande , Medvedev , Merkel, Letta .... Her generation is now outdated in all areas , but despite this , it is still there ( with lead ) with its shadow , a country surrounded by a social crisis caused by too much scandal exploded which hit several states in the country that is cheated through the transfer of capital abroad of the vast high value and no arrests of any magnate . With President Bouteflika has increased and multiplied, corruption, violence, assault, drug trafficking , crime , robbery, kidnapping, armed robbery etc ... In short, I do not think this president has been able to change or improve the situation in Algeria , which has remained in the same position as 1979.The wealth of Algeria were divided and disputed between Bouteflika and his military dictators who have planted him in a neutral place , a virtual Presidency and that all decisions are dictated by the military themselves , which organize the amendments to the Constitution , and that will eventually be implemented with the required signature of the President of the Republic.
During his tenure , did nothing , not even stopping terrorism that struck right in the heart of Algeria as the Muslim Brotherhood have launched their first attacks after 1990.
Bouteflika is enriched in Algeria and in particular to fix in the first place his family who had lived in Oujda ( Morocco).
Since he put his foot in Algeria , people do not stop to applaud his rare public appearances and over again with his friend and former president Ben Bella , you can already figure out what kind of pasta was done and how the system would work in Algeria ?
He believes that everyone is asleep , the Algerians are included and that no one would have noticed even by his financial movements. (Our ) president , has a fortune in a Swiss bank and on the other hand , as his band in the government.
The great U.S. president , Obama earns a tenth of what Bouteflika takes from the small Algeria?
The last Algerian minister earns a lot of and that his account is more packed than that of Obama.
President Bouteflika came to get rich thanks to his clan of Oujda , which continues to support it further resources to the conquest of Algeria.
What vote are you talking about ? Enough! With these governments have always deceived the people , the United Nations , the United States, Europe and the world.
In Algeria , there has never been an actual real voting , until there will be Bouteflika and his clan of Oujda in Algeria's power.
Algérie : le DRS organisait-il un « coup d’Etat » contre Bouteflika ?
The president (outgoing ?) Bouteflika.

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