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sabato 5 ottobre 2013

The sinking of Lampedusa should awaken many sleeping consciences!

That dramatic shipwreck that claimed the lives of more than 100 people drowned near Lampedusa , Sicily , were derived mainly from Somalia and Eritrea , two countries who live the extreme poverty .
Somalia is a country that is self-managed since 1995, when Siad Barre, the former president fugi in Nigeria ( Lagos ) with many millions of dollars leaving behind his land and his people into chaos.
Siad Barre was the son of an Ethiopian shepherd who without any formal education , in 1941 joined the police force 's territorial Italian zaptieh column . Later in the 50's became part of the course student officers of the police in Florence where he gained the rank of second lieutenant and later returned to Somalia and the independence in 1960 , he left the police to enter the army , where he was trained by the Soviets , who gave him a chance to embrace Marxism up to worship the ideals and consequently to become a chief commander .
In short in 1969 , he was assassinated the president Abdirashid Ali Shermarke , a coup that was orchestrated by himself , and so the country if it is found on the brink of a civil war. Meanwhile, the interim president Mukhtar Mohamed Hussein was deposed .
Siad Barre rooms leading him to the presidency of the country with archaic systems Soviets, with a single party . In 1970 he began to establish the National Security Service , the first intelligence of Somalia, created on the model of the Soviet KGB and has been an effective instrument of foreign intelligence and control of the country . In 1976 he founded the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party . Later , shall be directed towards a more authoritarian and exasperated to a cult of personality ( even today many of his large images stand out on the buildings of Mogadishu ) . He tried in every way to suppress internal dissent , as with the former minister Mohamed Aden Sheikh , imprisoned twice in Labatan Girow without evidence.
During the years of the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union are interested in Somalia due to its strategic position at the entrance of the Red Sea . Siad Barre creates an agreement with the latter , but the pact is broken in 1977, when Somalia hires a conflict with Ethiopia over the Ogaden . The U.S. then falls on the scene and support the Somalia with about 100 million dollars in economic and military aid .
In October 1977, a Palestinian commando , with the help of the German RAF , hijacks a Lufthansa plane departed from Palma de Mallorca making it landed in Mogadishu. German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt finds himself having to negotiate with Siad Barre to ensure that the anti-terrorism squad GSG - 9intervenga airport and free the hostages.
Towards the end of the eighties , due to a rapid loss of support , it reinforces the internal opposition and Siad Barre assumes more and more delusional behavior . In July 1990 , during a football game at the stadium in Mogadishu and opens fire on the crowd because they had loudly expressed their opposition to the dictator.
In the north of the country develops a liberation movement thanks to funding Somali Ethiopia : repression is fierce and bars massacres of civilians ( more than 50 000 deaths between 1988 and 1990 , one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of ' Africa) . He also intervene aviation to bomb the city of Hargheisa in January 1991.
On January 26, 1991 Siad Barre was overthrown and repairs in the south west of the country , in a region controlled by his son Mohamed Said Hersi . From there twice trying to regain power over Mogadishu, but General Aidid decreed exile in May 1992 . Repair of Nairobi then , but the outcry of opposition to the Kenyan government mean that bars will move after only two weeks in Lagos in Nigeria.
Despite his faithful will push it back to power , Barre since then refuses to play any political role , saying - with great foresight - that Somalia would no longer be returned to govern. In Nigeria will die of a heart attack on January 2, 1995. The remains will be buried in his hometown in Somalia .
Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea is the first president since 1993 , was born in Asmara , February 2, 1945 ) is an Eritrean politician , and the first president of Eritrea since 1993.
He led the Eritrean People's Liberation Front ( EPLF ) to victory in May 1991 , putting an end to three decades of armed struggle for liberation. Two years later he became president following a referendum on independence. It is the leader of the Popular Front for Democracy and Justice ( FPDG ) .
Isaias was born in the capital of Eritrea , Asmara , a native of the village of Tselot , in the province of Eritrea Amasiendi .
The EPLF was one of many armed groups who fought against the Ethiopian regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam . Isaias was elected leader of the FLPE in 1975. He was president of both the FLPE that the FPDG as the second assumed power after the end of the war for independence Eritrean and Ethiopian civil war in 1991. He is president of Eritrea since the country declared itself independent from Ethiopia nel1991 and was then elected by the National Assembly after the attainment of independence de jure nel1993 ..
the government of Isaias , formed by the People's Front for Democracy and Justice ( PFDJ ) , is the political movement currently in power in Eritrea. It 's the successor of the past Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF ) . Currently it is the only legal entity existing policy in Eritrea. [6] The presidential elections scheduled for 1997, did not materialize ever. Isaias has therefore been criticized for failing to implement democratic reforms. His government has made a crackdown on critics and closed the private press . The Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders
Dictatorial living in these countries, the hope of the future of the time it breaks , and human life has no value, the desire to live and flew in the air carried by the unattainable dreams . When triggered the instinct to change their lives, and place themselves, no one can stop us , we have to escape and flee to arrive but without knowing where in what place? An adventure , a unique experience , difficult, risky , full of obstacles, pitfalls , charm and above all dangerous. Of these poor adventurers , or almost half of them have lost their lives in these cold waters in the Mediterranean , near Lampedusa .
The whole world knows the most media but politicians do nothing .
It 'just that Africans have to pay a high price for land in European countries? ?
The Europeans of today do not need a visa to go to Africa or Asia !
What are all the associations that are fighting against the laws stupid humans? ?
These people who sacrifice themselves in these ways is really bad , it is right that we on this side of the contemplate and look until they die and then talk about them through the media channels to sell more news ? ?
“Il naufragio di Lampedusa ha cambiato il modo di raccontare queste tragedie”

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