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venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

The true-false calculations SYSTEM shameful ALGIERS:

True to its suicidal policy , the power of Algiers is preparing to revise the constitution to perpetuate his dictatorship . There is no doubt that the country's leaders impose their vision of a people who have given their children who have given the best of them and with courage for the struggles that have guided . Proponents of the current system , corrupt and corrupting should know that the popular uprisings always end by the dictators. Gaddafi, Mubarak , Ben Ali amply attest . said Bouteflika , President Abdelaziz and their henchmen are stopped before it is too late . The brewing revolt . End the regime will eventually be swept away by the popular fury . Ouyahia this servant and many others have paid dearly for their shameful loyalty to President Bouteflika clan. The people will never accept to bear the brunt of the destruction of the country and will not remain with arms crossed to witness the destruction of the values ​​of our poor ... rich country Algeria.
Let us join together and say to the Algerian regime despised and shameful that we never accept to abdicate their nefarious designs .
Rachid yahoo - journalist of the newspaper " My diary " suspended from the Algerian dictatorship .
" A CALL TO COPE AGAINST THE REVISION OF THE CONSTITUTION before the presidential election in April 2014,"
The promoters of the independent members of civil society call to propose an initiative to join forces with all the good will , and in all places to defend the republican regime , the Constitution and the institutions of the State, which are threatened today, as in the balance of power in their very existence.
Half a century after the recovery of national sovereignty , our duty as citizens requires us to make a balanced assessment of the choices that were made. The path traced by the Declaration of November was to build a strong state with democratic principles , ensuring freedom , sovereignty, justice and dignity. In short , a state at the service of the people to whom we owe the miracle of our Revolution . What about today ?
It ' true that the Algerian government has made significant achievements in all areas of social and economic life . However, what has been done is not up to the hopes and aspirations of the people, despite the quality of our human resources and the importance of our natural resources . The nature of our political system is largely responsible for this situation , which hit the opportunities of development, has led to disappointment and despair , and led in Algeria hell destructive Fitna . The Algerian people , like all peoples of the world, has always expressed his choice of a smooth transition to a democratic regime beneficiaries of the status quo want to spend the presidency for life , as intrinsically linked to government corruption . This situation is likely to cause the collapse of the state because of the promoters furiaI the declaration of duty to our country and anxious to preserve the state of Algerian serious risk of deterioration that threatens its foundations
Motivated by our faith in the urgency of implementing the guarantees of future generations in a strong state and modern
I call on all people of good will , animated elites , politicians and all the forces of our nation, to deal with, joining the efforts to defend the Algerian State and to freely determine their own destiny. We call on the President of the Republic :

- It is not to revise the constitution before the next presidential election .
- To meet the election law for the organization of presidential elections in April 2014
- Be sure to secure the necessary conditions for holding free and fair presidential elections , which are evidence of the historical transition from Algeria on the basis of a personal power so organized around state government and its institutions based on the sovereign will of the people.
Algiers , 25 September 2013

Rachid Yahou
Algerian writer and journalist.

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