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martedì 4 febbraio 2014

Ali Benhadj wants to be a candidate for president in 2014

According Algérie,
Ali Belhadj (also Belhadj ; Was the Vice- President of the Islamic Salvation Front ( FIS).
Born in 1956 in Tunis to the parents of Mauritanian origin from the wilaya of Adrar in Algeria , Belhadj Became a teacher of Arabic and an Islamist activist in the 1970s. In 1989 the Algerian Constitution Effective WAS changed to allow multiparty democracy , he found the Islamic Salvation Helped Front ( FIS) , an Islamic party won the All which only ever free elections in Algeria since independence icts . During this period, He Was a preacher at the famous Al -Sunna mosque in Bab el -Oued , a popular district in Algiers .
In 1991 , soon Effective FIS HAD finished a strike and massive demonstrations in Algiers , he, along with FIS president Abassi Madani, WAS Arrested and jailed on charge of threatening state security . In late 1991 , FIS won the first round of parliamentary elections , Which Were Then called Expired off by the military, Have you banned FIS; Belhadj Remained in jail Throughout MOST of the Algerian Civil War That Followed , and WAS released only Effective serving a 12-year award in 2003 under the conditions of abstaining from all political activity . Belhadj is in some possession of a charismatic talent , His speech is more poetic than rational .
He Did not REMAIN free for long, in July 2005 , He Was Arrested for making a statement on Al- Jazeera Praised All which Iraqi insurgents and Condemned Algeria for sending diplomats to Iraq shortly Effective two Algerian diplomats (Ali Belaroussi and Azzedine Belkadi ) HAD beens kidnapped . He Was released just under a year later in March 2006 , under the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation .
He joined in the protests in Bab El Oued on 5 January 2011 , He Was Arrested the same day , and a Few Days later charged with " Harming state security and inciting armed rebellion year . "
Seen as the spiritual leader of the hardline faction of the MOST FIS He Was Condemned against women working and democracy as a Western innovation, while Emphasizing the importance of Islamic education. He Described His favorite authors as Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn al- Qayyim , as well as the more recent Hassan al- Banna and Sayyid Qutb . HOWEVER , His ideology is distinct from His favorite authors. Often He Was Arrested by Police for Algerian giving talk in Mosques about current events. On July 25 , 2011 , Belhadj 's 23 year- old son Abdelkahar , along with three suicide bombers -would be and two of His associates , Was Shot dead by Algerian security force while a suicide bombing schedule at a military checkpoint in Algiers . Abdelkahar Belhadj WAS Considered to be a high ranking senior leader in Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.
Ali Benhadj.

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