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mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Association France-Algeria: a relay to mobilize expertise Algerian

The President of the France -Algeria (AFA) , Chevènement , said Monday night that suggested that this structure can serve as conduits for national competences wiring based in France to contribute to the development of their country and also strengthen the friendship between Paris and Algiers .
'' I suggested to the President of CNES disseminate the report of the mission to raise awareness that led to Algerian Skills France, he intends to give the president on his return to Algiers, and use the influence it could have the AFA and its regional associations to help mobilize the potential Algerian presence in France, in the interest of their country ,'' he told the Algerian press in interviews that they met the President of CNES -Mohamed Saghir Babes.
'' We will act to ensure that this trait- union between us is very strong and can be used for the development of Algeria and the friendship between her and France ,'' he added that, following these discussions that took place in the presence Bendjama Amar Algerian Ambassador and the Secretary General of the AFA , Raoul Weexteen .
The potential that the existence of large Algerian community in France to Algeria and its contribution to entrepreneurship, have been the focus of our discussions , he further explained , adding that ' ' knowing Algerians living in France , I know that all have the desire to put their skills , which are great for the development of Algeria '' .
Chevenement also indicated that other chapters have been discussed in favor of these interviews, such as higher education and scientific research .
The President of the CNES for its part has expressed his great satisfaction '''' to have met Mr. Chevènement called '' very great friend of Algeria '' pointed out that by virtue of being president of AFA '' Chevènement expresses deep bond connects in Algeria .''
Mr. Babes also stated that he had , in recent years, on many occasions, the opportunity to exchange with the president of the AFA , a series of considerations French -Algerian relations stressing that '' today we put the focus of our discussion , the value of take into account the context of these relationships , our national community in France, the host country and country of origin in Algeria because there is a chance to explore intensively .''
He also said, "happy" to see that a relay '' Chevènement will be able to establish the reality is that we must necessarily take into consideration if you want to strengthen the partnership between our two countries , ie moving so favored by the experience of national community in France '' and that he heard , '' amounts to an exceptionally high rate . ''

Jean-Pierre Chevénement.

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