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martedì 4 febbraio 2014

Droukdel has created a new terrorist group

The national emir of AQIM (Al- Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ) , calling Khaled Chaieb , alias Abu Sakhr Lokman , a native of Bejaia deemed very close to him , trying to merge the two terrorist groups operating respectively in Tunisia Libya to emphasize the threats and attacks against these two countries.
Certainly, the policy of France in the Sahel and Maghreb, never ceases to give consequences at least catastrophic throughout North Africa .

This is how we learn , according to the online medium " Assarih " be close terrorist Islamist movements around the world, the national emir of AQIM , Abdelmalek Droudkel , alias Abu Musab Abdelouadoud , decided to merge the two terrorist groups that activate in Tunisia and Libya, respectively Ansar al -Sharia and Katibat Uqba Ibn Nafaâ , and placed under the command of a lieutenant very close to him , to intensify the attacks and acts of sabotage against these two countries.

This is Chaieb native Bejaia. As Droudkel , Chaieb is a former chemistry student became a specialist in explosives. He is now trying to escape capture while recruiting and driving elements for this new group. But even before the news of his promotion to the rank of Emir by Droudkel , Lokman had been placed by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior on the list of " most wanted" terrorist for his involvement in the massacre of Tunisian soldiers in the Jebel Chaâmbi .

The name of this new group has not yet been disclosed. It remains that the decision Droudkel confirms what observers had speculated , that the south of Libya , a new "gray zone" planet , became the place of retreat , the sanctuary of all Islamist terrorists who , in time, all roamed the vast Sahel-Saharan strip . It is , moreover, in the south of Libya that the dangerous Mokhtar Belmokhtar , alias Belaâouar or MBM , took refuge with his men, " The Signatories blood " products themselves of the merger between turbans ( the moulathamoune ) , and elements of MUJAO (Movement for the uniqueness and jihad in west Africa ) , very close to the famous Moroccan secret services. It is also from the south of Libya that had been planned and launched the bloody hostage-taking of gas Tiguentourine site .

A situation more complicated
Such a situation , which leaves no one can be more worrying , is the direct product of the policy followed by France throughout the region . It is indeed unwavering and direct engagement of France in Libya, which led to the defeat of Gaddafi and even his physical elimination , which transformed the country into a genuine open-air furnace , opening the way to the four winds Libyan arsenals , much of which fell into the hands of terrorists , smugglers and Tuareg rebels . The latter, driven by thousands by the Libyan armed militias , because they might have defended the deposed regime were forced to seek refuge in their country of origin.

MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad ) emerged after all these wanderings . This movement consists of heavily armed and well trained, but also and especially especially determined elements , defeated by humiliating regular Malian army in a few days ago, taking possession of the passage of the northern part of the country , c that is to say, two-thirds of its entire surface. MNLA , exhausted by his struggle against the Malian army, in turn was defeated by the terrorists and Islamist MUJAO , AQIM and Ansar Sharia . At this point, it was still possible to find a political solution to this conflict. It was possible to return to the right path armed "lost" and / or ill - informed elements to isolate the troublemakers and radicals to eliminate them. The most wanted terrorists and radical that are , at this moment of history, were perfectly located, so much so that even MBM , who suffers from diabetes, was going to do his daily injection clinic Gao as normally the world. But we must believe that politics, and relatively inexpensive solution of life could not (really) arrange the affairs of France .

Thus the Serval operation eventually scramble all the cards, because not only Islamic terrorists have not been defeated, but in addition they are more radicalized , before vanishing in nature. Elusive now , their threats as a sword of Damocles everywhere and all the time. Seen in this particular prism, the announcement of the birth of this new terrorist group is worrying seriously our eastern neighbors such as Tunisia and Libya.

Algeria is also serious reasons for concern since it is almost impossible to secure all its borders with 0 risk . In the aftermath of the terrorist attack against the site Amenas gas , the Prime Minister , in a press conference , had admitted directly stating that even all NATO forces combined are not enough to secure all Algerian borders with neighboring countries .
Droudkel a créé un nouveau groupe terroriste

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