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domenica 2 febbraio 2014

Gaddafi claimed to have financed the campaign of Sarkozy in 2011

According Algérie,
The television channel France 3 broadcast on the night of Wednesday to Thursday an audio recording of an interview with Moammar Gadhafi that made in March 2011 in which the former Libyan leader confirms that he funded the election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential elections of 2007.
" Sarkozy has a mental disability ... it's thanks to me that he came to the presidency. 's Us who have provided the funds that enabled him to win," said Gaddafi , quoted by France 24 .
"It ' came to me when he was Minister of the Interior. Asked me for financial support ," he said without giving details , however, the amount and payment options .
Asked if he felt betrayed by the French recognition of the opposition to the regime, Gaddafi, who was , however , received with great pomp in Paris in December 2007 , responded in the affirmative.
Gaddafi gave this interview March 16, 2011 , just days after the official recognition by the Paris Libyan opposition to the regime in Tripoli.
In addition , the initiative of the military operation in Libya returned to France due to the efforts of its president and foreign minister at the time, Nicolas Sarkozy , Alain Juppe .
The scandal over a possible secret funding of the campaign of Sarkozy former Libyan leader toppled and killed in October 2011, it broke out in the spring of 2013 , following the publication by the site Mediapart information document in which the Libyan regime would pay € 50 million to the electoral staff of Sarkozy.
The latter has denied the allegations and attacked Mediapart justice. In any case , the inquiry in question is still in progress . (Agency).
Kadhafi assurait avoir financé la campagne de Sarkozy en 2011
Sarkozy & Kadafi

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