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lunedì 1 luglio 2013

Confederations Cup, Brazil-Spain 3-0. Show Fred and Neymar at the Maracana

My compliments to the "green ouro"! There had to be Italy in the final, but fate has sent one that was not to compete with the Brazilians, that the Spaniards. Italy has done a great match with Uruguay, which in turn has joked. I've always said that Spain up to now (the last game in the final with Brazil) had not found a team that could neutralize it game by applying a suffocating pressing that disorient players Iberians. Exactly, I think it was what had happened with Brazil which immediately started to attack with lightning speed and aggressiveness in each growing to discourage the majority of the players. The cycle of Spanish dominion arrived at the edge of its possibilities. Congratulations to Scolari who managed to achieve success without forgetting Mr. Prandelli who invented a great national and deserves much more than a bronze. It was enough for a touch-up in the attack which I think is missing a big toe and a real director offensive that distributes the balls. Moreover we will definitely be a great national in the coming months.
Fred e Neymar, grandi protagonisti contro la Spagna. LaPresse

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