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venerdì 5 luglio 2013

Inter Belfodil when: the moment of signing. The St. Paul: "Hard to keep Wellington"

It was in 1988 that did not happen by Madjer spent Belfodil, seemed made for the jump of "Allah", as he was called in Italy, but fate choose another path in the contract and sent back to the sender to buy  Ramón Díaz place , the great council called Algerian Rabah Madjer makes fun not only in Portugal or Algeria, but also in Europe and worldwide. A player who did talk a lot about the case that is to win for the first time in O Porto (Portugal club) everything there was to win. Belfodil has not Madjer age (29 years), only 21 years old with a body mass accompanied by a good technique, I'm sure he will become a big star, should be closely monitored by the technical team and try to balance in all field fronts, we are united in two years, a great team to be able to handle any high level opponent. I think he still has a good head for the center of the field, one as Pirlo or similar.
Ishak Belfodil, 21 anni. Ai
Ishak Belfodil, 21 anni. Ai

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