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sabato 6 luglio 2013

Inter Milan. Nainggolan, there is the green light to Moratti. Official Belfodil: "I hope to do well here"

I personally believe that to build a new team should also have a solid base retaining at least two or three experts of the old guard. If you buy only the players as Belfodil, we're done! Who would send the ballls in the attack?? The intervention also needs some old expert who could give more input to the team. and bet on players who could make a difference who have not had the chance and the opportunity to break through, there are so many, you just look for them. The market is very vast. In my opinion concentrad always in the same places, the same countries does not always bring the feedback. I would change the wheel to other horizons of the world and never be underestimated, and the stars could come from anywhere. I suggest another talent that also plays at Bologna and excellent: Taider is a young man with responsibilities on his shoulders. The inter must have a good attacking midfielder of great weight, it is the only way to run the attack. Ranocchia? I would not have given in, he is a great player who already knows the company and the club.
Ishak Belfodil, 21 anni. Ansa
Ishak Belfodil, 21 anni. Ansa

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