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mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

Moroccan media campaign against Algeria: "An escalation premeditated"

It 'been a while' I hear and see who write sentences full of hatred and malice on the part of Morocco to Algeria? I started thinking in order to get a response, and in the end I had to turn the issue into a political sense to successfully find a glimmer of transparency for this endless confusion that does not stop the spread everywhere, and especially the media. This is essentially related to the mobilization of the Berbers in the whole of Africa, who are preparing more to unite, to come together to organize cultural events anywhere in North Africa and all over the world and this has created many problems in the policy statements that govern us, and although we try to avoid at all costs in opening the borders for fear of giving the opportunity to the Berber Algerians and Moroccans to meet again after13 and half centuries of separation, and so this is the Moroccan press that was to putting a discord in the ears of citizens to diverge further and separate "Divide and rule" of. Julius Caesar (Emperor of Rome). The majority of Algerians believed in this big lie invented by both the prints with the complicity of the two states. Before giving credit to information must first of all ensure its authenticity and effectiveness. The Moroccan people have nothing against the Algerian people, while the press is connected to trivial excuses such as drug trafficking, fraud, and other scams. So who are the men who do spend hundreds of containers loaded with fuel between the Moroccan and Algerian border? The thieves of state assets and Algerian nationals in profit since 1980. In Algeria, the State does not respond to the needs of the country, but for those of their immense interest. I was doing it on purpose, to the knowledge of the causes and the mood of Algerians always morally depressed, angry, so just do little to mobilize the aggressive state and consequently the state always wins ... Just look at the reactions of commentators.
Campagne médiatique marocaine contre l’Algérie : « Une escalade préméditée »

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