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giovedì 4 luglio 2013

The coup against Morsi!!!

I do not think at all about what I saw and heard through the news on the story of the coup in Egypt. For me it was a farce from the beginning when they invented the presidential election. First, have won the Islamist Morsi who then dismissed yesterday. The military, in essence, have always been in command since the time of Gamal Abdenasser, the rest as in all other countries of Africa. On the one hand, the military has done well to bring as long as the peace and quiet in a great country like Egypt. All the world expects a civil war and the destruction of the country but with the intervention of the military should the situation seems to have taken another picture, that of happiness, joy of living and change
Egypte : le coup d’Etat est en marche, Morsi n’est plus président
The ex president Morsi !!!

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