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martedì 10 novembre 2015

And if Chakib Khelil was really innocent?

A1actualite700.tmp_.jpgThe image of the former energy minister enjoying a meeting with official ceremonies, even the Algerian Embassy in Washington leaves no doubt. This man is demonized for more than two years in Algeria, where he was sentenced without trial completed its "Desert Crossing".
Inviting him to attend the memorial service on November 1, the Algerian ambassador in Washington has given the green light or the order of Algiers. Chakib Khelil is no longer the former minister junk weighing heavy suspicions of corruption, embezzlement and bribe wine in the scandalous affair of the Algerian subsidiary of the company "Saipem" Italian.
His presence at the residence of the ambassador of Algeria in the United States is certainly strong evidence that case Khelil is no longer one. The man smiled before the flash of the photographer who captured the moment ... expected. And soon, the cliché quickly landed on social networks such as "spread" the unlikely meeting between the Algerian State and enfant terrible of the oil.
Chakib Khelil, who is well known in Washington was appreciated as it should be this time in the midst of a group of product of Algerian diplomats and foreigners attending the evening.
Beautiful image of Washington ...
Why, he said definitely that the key received that day the equivalent of a medal of recognition. Has regained respectability, which was his time when it was the largest oil and gas from the ledge. Its coast of popularity and credibility certainly rise in the business world and the US Constitution. Exit Saipem and all of its business in which his name has been associated, rightly or wrongly. This is exactly the result that the exciting foreign opinion and certainly should know.
After the restoration, even ostentatious saddle official, Chakib Khelil told himself beyond the reach of justice?
Confirmation Saadani
Or more, will be rehabilitated politically, for example, adviser to the president or ambassador to the United States or London? It 'very possible when you hear Amar Saadani say all the good we think of Chakib Khelil erected in the "best energy minister after independence".
Another revelation of the head of the FLN: Chakib Khelil would be a "victim" of some officers of the DRS who wanted after him "push the president to the exit" aims Khelil. Saadani, folder Khelil "is empty", since it was founded "on the basis of unfounded accusations in the press."
Used to make announcements very important, as the content of the constitutional amendment, Amar Saadani was certainly the aroma of above and below the case. And if Chakib Khelil finally innocent of any case against him? This now seems almost obvious, at least in terms of the highest authorities of the country.

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