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lunedì 9 novembre 2015

The comments "inappropriate" the king of Morocco regarding the sound of Algeria as "a bet on the worst"

45d29fb01e438ca98f8aa751ef6c3e55_L.jpgThe comments "inappropriate" recently held by the King of Morocco in respect of Algeria, because of its unconditional support for the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination ", it sounds like a bet on the worst," he said Sunday in Algiers, the minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ramtane Lamamra.
"The statements (the King of Morocco) echoes, sound like a bet on the worst," said Lamamra in his response to a question about the position of Algeria against Chi "inappropriate" the king of Morocco, during It hosted a press conference, along with his Colombian counterpart, Maria Angela Holguin, on a working visit to Algeria.
"If we understand there will be disunity of fratricide and tear fight rearguard, as we saw during the forty years that have passed, even if the world is going to be front and expresses, increasingly, its commitment to safe havens and principles universally supported such as self-determination, "he added.
"The mystification which was held November 6, 1975 led the kidnapping of the collective destiny of the peoples of the Maghreb to extensionnisme territorial forty years," he said.
Algeria, he noted, "resolutely wants a net exporter of peace, security and stability in its neighborhood and, more so, when it comes to this problem (Western Sahara)."
"In the same spirit, you know, also, that our Constitution obliges us to settle disputes peacefully and contribute to international peace, security and the achievement of the objectives of the United Nations, we throw forbid adding fuel to the fire. And why not do megaphone diplomacy, we do things that are not always provided in the public domain, "he added.
"Fortunately, he pursued international law told us about three or four days, by the voice of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon. As elsewhere, the International Court of Justice had done forty years ago in his legal advisory opinion" he recalled.
"These two principal organs of the United Nations (the Secretary General and the International Court of Justice), in line with the General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council said that the principle of the position of Algeria is subject, namely , the right to self-determination of the people of Western Sahara is essential, inalienable and imprescriptible ", said the Minister of State.
For Lamamra "repeated cliché of unfortunate stereotypes regarding the position of Algeria, is not likely to overshadow anything this position of principle is that of the entire international community."
"These stereotypes and clichés unfortunate, Algeria rejects them," he concluded.

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