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martedì 10 novembre 2015

It acquires Russian mobile system Acacia EM: Algeria tightens its air defense

armements.jpgIn addition to the fighters, tanks and automatic weapons, Russia Algeria also provides the radar and defense of any genre.C'est official. The head of the conglomerate Rostec Russian production of weapons Andrey Riznyk, confirmed last weekend in Moscow the order of the Algerian army for the acquisition of the control of anti-aircraft system cell called Acacia EM.
Although the amount of the transaction was not disclosed, the head of Rostec indicated the existence of another contract for the purchase of various regiments of air defense system and ballistic Antey 2500.
It is emphasized that these commands are added to the next draw of the air defense system, and a short and medium-range missile Buk-M2. If we add the S400, the S300 and PMU2 Pantsir Janus, already in operation, Algeria is left with an anti-aircraft defense of the most powerful in the world, probably the most advanced in the region.
Acacia The system is a control system of the mobile troops that allows a global view in real time all the territories covered by the elements aviation and DAT and offers the opportunity to hunt on 200 goals, regardless of speed or altitude, and even manage up to the decision and orders to shoot anti-aircraft range available to the DAT and ground forces.
Furthermore, this system supports communication and manages the electronic jamming systems, fixed or mobile, to optimize their use. According to experts, if the choice of S300 PMU2 and Pantsir was considered disproportionate to the environment and the military threats in the region, these new acquisitions are more targeted.
Because Algeria wishes to protect, according to experts, not only against the attacks of its neighbors, but also to block a possible outbreak of intercontinental ballistic missiles. In September, the Algerian army had ordered fourteen Sokhoï fighter planes. These acquisitions reflect the will of reinforcement, on both sides, the traditional relations between Algiers and Moscow military, although major producer and exporter of weapons is not the only supplier of Algeria.
Countries such as Belgium, Italy, Spain and China also exports its production in Algeria. But the last two-day visit to Algiers of Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, is part of this "intensification" of relations. Moving a senior Russian official, who was not involved for several months, it is seen in Algiers as a desire of Russians to have the support of Algeria in their enrollment in Syria and "convergence of views" on the Libyan issue, but also as a prelude to future arms contracts.

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