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giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Projects APC of Algiers one day is night for transit in the capital is the 'installation of traffic lights 600

arton4803-1c209.jpgPublic transport in the city of Algiers is the sole responsibility of the urban and suburban transport Institution Algiers (ETUSA) and we will use all means at its disposal to enable it to transport day and night in the capital, he told Radio El Bahdja Algerian Radio, Abdelwahab Benzaïm, vice chairman of the People's Wilaya (APW) from Algiers.
The PMU Algiers, which will hold its annual general meeting on November 19, has, in fact, a substantial budget vote in favor of ETUSA. "If we have to put 10,000 buses available to ETUSA, he will," assured Mr. Benzaïm which also indicated that the purchase of vehicles, designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the park ETUSA and enable more of its routes day and night, will be financed by own funds of the PMU.
As for the private bus transportation currently operating on the routes to the suburbs of the capital, it has indicated that they will be required to redirect their activities in various locations in the province.
The vice president of the PMU in the wilaya of Algiers, on the other hand, reported the next installation of about 600 traffic lights in the capital and in terms of some arteries surrounding communities, "in fact, he said, to ensure the flow regular traffic. "
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