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domenica 8 novembre 2015

Maurice Audin buried near Oued Alleug? The family urges the Algerian authorities to control (VIDEO)

o-MAURICE-AUDIN-570.jpgThe body of the mujahid Maurice Audin, assassinated by French paratroopers, he is in the cemetery of Ben Salah, near Oued Alleug? One year after the testimony published in August 2014, the Quotidien d'Oran, the family of the murdered mathematician wants the Algerian authorities to follow through this testimony and conduct research and DNA testing to be sure.
In August 2014, in the columns of the Quotidien d'Oran, Abraz Mustapha, said Moh Djebbour, alerted by the late Aussaresses murder of Maurice Audin and possible place of his burial has established a possible connection with the events he lived when he was only twelve years. It 'been a funeral conducted in haste in 1957 by paratroopers in the cemetery of Ben Salah, near Oued Alleug.

After they left, Abraz Mustapha, who was 12 at the time, hoping to find an inhabitant of the region Lagaillarde left victim who officiated there, he tried to identify the buried.
 "One summer evening in 1957, was the end of June, eighteen hours passed, I see a military vehicle 4x4 with eight parachutists on board to stop near my cow and me. I am seen, these were not soldiers Lagaillarde, have always They bring with them many harki; neither held nor the car looked like what I used to see in Oued Alleug.
I saw them throw a body in a grave that already exist and cover with soil. After they left, I approach the "severe" and discovers the dead. It was not a local person. It looked like a European, dressed in a light jacket. It 'was definitely suede. Algerians knew could not afford this type of clothing! ".
Confessions of Aussaresses
One detail that matches the testimony of Josette Audin stating that Mauritius was at the time of his arrest a "clear and light jacket, we were in June." 57 years after the event, Mustapha Abraz made the connection "while watching a video on the confession of Aussaresses, hear him identify the place in the region speak of Kolea" already dug a pit "..."

A year later, the family of Maurice Audin wants the Algerian authorities of any response to this testimony and makes the necessary research.
Master Roland Rappaport, who was accompanied by Pierre Audin, the ceremony, organized by the Embassy of Algeria in Paris, the 61 th anniversary of the outbreak of the War of National Liberation, said that the Algerian authorities have been sought in this direction.
For the lawyer, whose remarks were reported by APS, if the information is "controlled and only shows" will be necessary to conduct a job search and DNA testing, so that the family can mourn and to bury " dignity "Maurice, this Algerian mujahideen, kidnapped and murdered the colonial army, there 58 years.
"We want, in this sense, that the Department of Mojahedin keep us informed if, of course, the information is reliable for us to go around in Algeria," he has yet declared.

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