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mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

The editor of El Djoumhouria before the court for "blasphemy" and "violation of the Prophet"

ElDjmouhouria21102014-500x250.jpgTuesday morning, the former editor of the national newspaper El Joumhouria Mohamed Chergui appeared before a judge of the court of Oran for "blasphemy" and "undermining the Prophet Muhammad." And this could cost the charge worth 3 years in prison.
In his defense, the former director said he had retrieved an article on the Internet for the words used in the Qur'an that are not of Arab origin. Unfortunately a shell slipped and none before printing the newspaper. This shell provides a passage that accuses the Prophet of manipulating the Koran and writing, and the question why Chergui in the newspaper, which has two associate editors and an editor of the main and correctors, nobody caught this shell.
The trial was held in the presence of Director General Bouziane Benachour, the current editor and three other journalists all witnesses against their colleague.
When questioned by the judge, the newspaper of the DG replied that immediately after installation, the instructions have been given to him to get rid of the red-head. A response that is embarrassed judges public composed mainly of journalists.
The defense pleaded guilty in a plea to show that according to the information code there was defamation or damage Islam and the Koran. Especially since the accused was a former university professor and one of the most serious journalists, the brightest and the most dynamic and, above all, that you could not put into question his deep religious feelings.
The attorney general has asked for a six-month sentence stopped. The case is under deliberation.
Finally, we note that Mohamed Chergui is a father of three children, including a daughter with Down syndrome and it is hoped that the court will be magnanimous to this reporter and consider that there was premeditation, but simply carelessness.
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