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domenica 8 novembre 2015

The king of Morocco attaches directly Algeria

mohamed VI.jpgMohammed VI, king of Morocco attacked Algeria in his speech in Laayoune, the Sahrawi occupied capital, as part of the "celebration" of the 40th "anniversary" of what they call the "Green March".
The Cherifian sovereign criticized Algeria for having "abandoned" the 40,000 Sahrawi refugees (90,000 seconds UNHCR ed) living in Tindouf. Showing very touched by their situation, suggested in Algeria to build 6000 housing for the benefit of refugees, he said, "continue to bear the pangs of poverty (...) and to suffer the systematic violation of their human rights."
And that's not all. Mohamed VI has accused Algeria of hijacking of humanitarian aid to the Saharawi refugees. These contributions are estimated, he said, to $ 60 million per year. "History will judge those who have reduced their children free and worthy of the Sahara to the status of beggars humanitarian aid," said the king, pretending to ignore that the Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf have, following the invasion of their country by the Moroccan army in 1975.
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