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sabato 14 novembre 2015

(News) Shootouts in Paris: the assault ended in Bataclan, dozens killed

826197-parisfusilladeok.jpg826197-paris fusillade.jpg (Updated)
01:10: The assault ended in Bataclan. He started an operation of 00:20, long enough, 30 minutes. Two attackers were killed by security forces. AFP evokes dozens dead, witnesses speak of a bloodbath. Two terrorists were killed.
0:03: The final assessment is dramatic: 39 dead and fifty wounded in very critical condition. Francois Hollande has just talked about: the state of emergency is decreed in the whole territory. The Head of State also announced the closure of borders. A hostage situation is ongoing.
Gunfire erupted Friday night in the tenth and eleventh district of Paris, near the rue Bichat, and close to Bataclan, killing 18 people according to the police, and wounded dozens. A journalist of Liberation, on site, evokes a "nightmare". The police are on site. Boulevard Voltaire, were heard several shots. Testimonials speak five or six shooters, not hooded.
About the Carillon attack, our reporter on site recalls two shooters, at least, that he would begin shooting in the bar, before fleeing. This would have occurred around 9:20 when a man fired two bursts of automatic weapons, the other for "Little Cambodia", opposite. "It 'lasted terribly long," says a witness. "He raised his Kalashnikov, has pulled in Carillon. We could hear people screaming could be heard, there are ten body to the ground."
Bataclan, who played the Eagles of Death Metal, a "big bang" and about twenty shots were heard from witnesses on the spot. Gunmen would be left behind, according to AFP that evokes a hostage-taking going on. Two weeks of additional police arrived on the scene, armed with shotguns, according to one of our reporters.
Others reported at the same time, two men opened fire on a street Charonne terrace of a cafe, adding: ". We heard more than 100 bullets" The attack targeted the street corner and street Charonne Faidherbe.
In addition, three explosions sounded almost simultaneously near the Stade de France, not as we know at this point if the two are related. The stadium was completed. Francois Hollande was there, left the tribune. The stadium was evacuated from the stands south, north and west.
11:10 Boulevard Voltaire.
Boulevard Voltaire, 100 meters from the Bataclan, the cops are on the teeth and a confirmation that there are currently a hostage at the Bataclan, in one of our reporters. The officer evokes a shootout with armed men with Kalashnikovs and speaks wounded on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, 150 meters away. The Raid is distributed. Earlier, local residents heard gunfire and saw injured evacuees.
11The different places of shootings that took place this evening in Paris:

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