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giovedì 12 novembre 2015

A first in Algeria: drones to hunt down criminals

drones.jpgAlgerian police is modernizing and offers master new technologies. In fact, for the first time in Algeria, Algerian drones built by scientists will be involved in the search for criminals, they are developing an entire device that will identify criminals by their voices and sounds DNA.
The director general of scientific research and technological development with the Ministry of Higher Education, Aouragh Hafid quoted by young independent, was the guest of honor yesterday at the Forum of National Security (DGSN) in the presence of the Director of Public Relations Commissioner of DGNs Laâroum.
The forum on the theme "Scientific research in national security" has allowed both parties to highlight the entire program launched them in the context of national security and citizen.
From the beginning, the Director General of Scientific Research of the Ministry of Higher Education has unveiled the latest technology for Algerian scientists in the fight against serious crime.
Mr. Aouragh cited, for example, creating drones 100% "Made in Algeria" that can identify and track down criminals on the outskirts. These researchers did not stop there as they also developed the research that led to the ability and the identification of criminals by detecting voice sound. "The detection of criminals audible voice has been developed by our researchers working in research centers and universities in Algeria.
This technology will allow us to identify the exact place of the criminal after the detection of the noise that will determine the place where the crime and the determination in his voice that will enable us to identify, "said the DG scientific research in his speech.
For Aouragh Hafid, scientific research in Algeria is expected to develop given the alarming increase in crime and new procedures used by the networks thugs. These networks have developed their techniques of crime through the use of cutting-edge devices that are used to make counterfeit money, false official documents or innovate in their criminal plans to get rich.
This is one of the reasons why the Algerian team of researchers, under the control of the development of advanced technology centers (CDTA), are currently working to identify the techniques of criminals and establish a list of profiles of these offenders.
"Today we have about 30 000 researchers who are mobilized in a team and work wonders in terms of scientific research. However, this number is not significant as long as emerging countries generally found 350,000 to 480,000 researchers," he commented the CEO of Scientific Research of the Ministry of Higher Education.
On the security front, Algerian researchers from different universities and research centers, have arrived to build drones that can be used in the country's security. We also have researchers who are experts in the genomes Algerians, where our main objective is to obtain a sample of 5,000 genomes Algerians can reveal potential dangerous diseases that you can get every Algerian in the future. It 'important to note that Algeria is the fourth country in the world that launched this technology after the United States, England and Saudi Arabia. "
In fact, researchers Algerians work closely with experts from the DGN in the fight against crime. In addition, a database containing profiles of criminals of all kinds is in preparation. "In addition to this, the researchers are currently developing procedures that Algerians can reveal, in record time, the profiles of criminals and places to hide.
Examples of these techniques that are developed in the laboratories of scientific research centers, there are criminals voice sound that can afford Place of local thugs.
This is called the sound localization. Then there is also the detection of abnormal events that is to know the temperature anomaly of a specific place that can lead to an abnormal situation on the spot.
We also have researchers who specialize in telecommunications, websites, 4G, in the fight against crime and cybercrime. These researchers can enter the crime scene in social networks and reveal what is prepared by criminals, "said Hafid Aouragh.
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