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giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Extension connecting infrastructure: The financial crisis '' impact '' program Telecom Algeria

algerie-telecom_847090_679x417.jpgBroadcast on Algerian radio, the CEO of Algeria Telecom, Mr. Azouaou Mehmel, said Wednesday that the improvement of services to Telecom Algeria depends on the renewal and expansion of its network, part consists of copper connections.
Mr. Mehmel reported that work on the infrastructure is continuing to try to meet the needs of connection of the Algerians. However, it warned that this work may be frustrated because of the aftershocks of the financial crisis caused by the fall in oil prices.
CEO of Algeria Telecom, which has 3 million telephone subscribers and 2,000,000 internet (ADSL), and explained that this situation will "impact" the investment program of 40 billion dinars maintained for expanding your network all over the country ", which he will require, he said, to appeal to foreign investment."
When he expressed criticism of its business benefits, Mr. Mehmel calls to avoid making comparisons with neighboring countries, evoking the vast expanse of territory forcing large projects and increased investment costs otherwise.
Algeria Telecom on the contacts with its customers, the speaker announces a project to create a call center in each wilaya and reviewing fund from its 300 after-sales services (VAS).
About the author ship shut submarine cable linking Algiers to Marseille, CEO of Algeria Telecom expects that the investigation is still ongoing, adding that he did not think that there is an act of "voluntary", although he adds that there have been similar cases that have occurred in the past.
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