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giovedì 24 aprile 2014

33th anniversary of the "Berber Spring" Peaceful Marches in Tizi-Ouzou, Bejaia and Bouira

According to " Algeria -Focus "
The commemoration of the 33th anniversary of the " Berber Spring " , coinciding with the 20th of April was marked by the organization yesterday, peaceful marches to Tiziouzou , Bouira and Bejaia .
Several hundred political activists and the Amazigh cause, including the President of the Rally for Culture and Democracy ( RCD) , MohcineBelabbas , beat the pavement in Tizi -Ouzou from campus Hasnaoua I to reach the plot the old town hall , chanting throughout their career including slogans calling for the recognition of Tamazight as an "official language ".
Walkers observed , moreover, a minute of silence in memory of the "martyrs of democracy" at the crossroads Djurdjuran . Parts of the university Mohand Akli Oulhadj and Martyrs' Square , the marches in Bouira brought together , for their part , dozens of supporters of Tamazight , who traveled some arteries of the city, before converging to the headquarters of the wilaya.
A short rally was held for this purpose , before the seat of the local government also call for the recognition of Tamazight as "official language" , before the marchers dispersed peacefully.
A similar march was also held in the city of Bejaia , where dozens of marchers walked from the House of Culture at the headquarters of the province where they are also scattered in the quiet . Again, the claim for the recognition of Tamazight as an "official language ", was put forward by protesters in their slogans.

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