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giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Press review. Counter-terrorism: Algiers under surveillance

According to " Algérie Focus"
The security services are on high alert. While it was expected to lift the device deployed to monitor the presidential election on April 17 that the terrorist attack on the 19th of this month has changed the situation . In addition, as a result of this cowardly attack , all the special units and all mobile brigades of the Judicial Police , if the National Gendarmerie or national security , have been mobilized to strengthen the control points in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou , Bouira , Boumerdes and Algiers .
But especially in Algiers , where the specter of terrorist incursions arises because the number of police and gendarmes deployed in new checkpoints . Visible at the entrance to the city as in highways, the security services have used all manuals counter-terrorism to tighten the noose on armed groups currently surrounded by forested mountains paratroopers in Kabylia. For these criminal groups might strike at any time in neighboring wilayas to distract and loosen the grip on the criminal hordes reactivated by Al - Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ( AQIM ) , on the eve of the presidential elections .
In this sense, the security device deployed in this election , which was to end this morning (April 24 ) will be maintained until further notice to allow the anti-terrorist unit in order to overcome the armed group hunted by ANP in Kabylie . Nothing in the Grand Algiers , motorists felt the pressure of the security services that use the systematic searches of vehicles and their identification, but also suspicious. More specialized units have been mobilized to conduct foot patrols and try to identify any suspicious movement of persons wanted or suspected . Identification of individuals are on the agenda even in the streets of Algiers , where these pathways operate day and night.
State police on alert.

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