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domenica 27 aprile 2014

Abbas calls the Holocaust "the most heinous crime" of the modern era

According to " Le ,
This is the strongest to date by the Palestinian President conviction, which he was alleged to have doubts about the extent of the Holocaust.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday called the Jewish genocide of the modern era " the most heinous crime ," in a statement released Sunday , the day Israel officially commemorates the Holocaust.
This is the strongest condemnation to date of the Holocaust by the Palestinian President who has been criticized in the past have expressed doubts about the extent of the massacre of the Jews .
" What happened to the Jews during the Holocaust is the most heinous crime against humanity has occurred during the modern era," he said in the statement released by the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) .
He also expressed his " sympathy for the victims' families and for many other innocent people killed by the Nazis ."
Mahmoud Abbas made ​​the remarks in an interview last week with an American rabbi , defender of dialogue between Muslims and Jews.
Talks outstanding
"On the occasion incredibly sad commemoration of the Holocaust Day , we call on the Israeli government to seize the opportunity to reach a just and comprehensive peace in the region , based on a two-state solution , Israel and Palestine cohabiting side by side in peace and security, " said Abbas yet .
Peace talks relaunched in July 2013 under the auspices of Washington and reported no significant progress has been suspended Thursday by the Israelis after the conclusion of a reconciliation agreement between the PLO and the Hamas movement advocates " armed struggle " against the Jewish state.
Réunion à Washington en présence des présidences israélienne et palestienne autour de John Kerry en juillet 2013.
Meeting in Washington in the presence of Israeli and Palestinian presidents around John Kerry in July 2013.

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