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lunedì 28 aprile 2014

Ghannouchi: "Tunisia has always welcomed the Israelis"

The leader of the Tunisian Islamist party Ennahda, Rachid Ghannouchi said Saturday that it is not opposed to welcome tourists with Israeli citizenship in Tunisia.
In fact, speaking at the meeting of the Shura Council of the movement Ennahdha Hammamet, he returned to the controversy triggered after the authorization of tourists Israeli nationality to enter Tunisia.
The leader of Ennahdha has ensured that the pilgrimage to Ghriba hosts Israeli citizens under the government before 14 January and those after.
He explained that this is certainly not a new development and the government is perpetuating Mehdi Jomaa approaches applied by the governments that preceded it.
In addition, Rached Ghannouchi added that such disputes should be removed from politics and one-upmanship, noting that discuss this topic could be detrimental to the progress of the upcoming tourist season and influence the Tunisian economy.
Ghannouchi : « La Tunisie a toujours accueilli des Israéliens »

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