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mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Ali Benflis: "It is I who have been elected!"

According to the magazine "The point of Africa "
The defeated candidate says it has raised more than 50 % of the vote for the president, who has spent Abdelaziz Bouteflika .
Abdelaziz Bouteflika has won the presidential elections in Algeria Thursday with the 81 % of the vote , his main rival, Ali Benflis not move. Credited with 12% of the votes by the Algerian Ministry of Interior , the former prime minister said he did not recognize the result and also proclaims his victory. He explains in an exclusive interview

The : Since the ' announcement of the results, condemning fraud . Do you have evidence?

Ali Benflis : The best proof is that the Council orders constitutionnelest institution in Algeria. He took advantage of accepting an offer ( President Bouteflika , ed) that has already been hit by a lot of suspicion. The presidential candidate has presented us with say four million signatures of citizens that was obtained within 48 hours. I told the President of the Constitutional Council that these signatures have been affixed to the knowledge of their authors . However, the Council has not identified that there had been false and untrue. The fraud began even before the election day. Then , the government has used the Algerian government , from top to bottom , became chairman of the board of support.

But what about the survey itself ?

The next day , I sent my observers in polling stations . Some, and there are many, were simply driven out the centers so that we can let the government continue the work that had already begun . Others have been threatened, kidnapped or even for a few hours , while the agitation was there at the polls. Finally, some have been purchased. The winner of this event is fraud , money laundering , and a few news organizations that have taken up the cause of an application (which Bouteflika , ed.)

It was during a press conference , brandished tests , two PVs signed blank in advance by the authorities?

There were details to explain how the fraud was conducted . But it was in general, and the vast majority of Algerians will tell you. It is I who have been elected in this case. More than 50% . When he learned that he would lose the election, the president took the administration and the great services of the state hostage. It ' was he who divided the rate for each candidate. It is he who is self- given the rate of 80%. I take everything I say .

On what basis do you proclaim your victory?

I based the campaign that I conducted in 48 provinces ( prefectures , ed) and in gyms . During this tour , the only difficulty I encountered was to get in and out of meetings, because everyone wanted to say hello. On the contrary, the president was totally absent . It did not explain his program. And his willingness to run for a fourth term undergone a total rejection . It tells me I have 12% ? It ' a shame ! You know, there was a constitutional violation , and a violation of the popular will , the day of the election. I do not recognize the results.

So you do not basing the work of your observers ?

I base my campaign and what I was told by my observers. And they told me that the minutes of the polling stations had been tampered with by the administration. These documents have been pre - set . It is signed by the members of the polling station before being filled , then write what you want to send, after the count. I knew there would be fraud . But I wanted to show those who may still doubt that fraud has existed from the beginning to the end .

However , international observers invited from Algiers to monitor the vote does not make the same observation as you ...

There are nearly 60,000 polling stations in Algeria. 60,000 polling stations ! That is to say , to give a credible witness , you must be present in the country . These NGOs or observers , the African Union and the Arab League have just raked in some polling stations in the capital. They did a beautiful tourist resort , have been well received and we ate well . They take full responsibility. In contrast , the European Union , who knows what happens in Algeria, was not involved in this story of perjury .

The president Hollande has yet congratulated Abdelaziz Bouteflika for his re-election ...

This is the French president , this is not the European Union . This is his business. He takes responsibility .

Many Algerians expected to announce on Thursday a second round, if it is your victory. But you did something like that ...

I have not announced my success before the results were announced, because I felt that it was not the right thing at all. But I know that I won the election, and I know they have lost. The winner is the absolute power, and nothing else.

According to some young people , the fact that you do not go over Thursday night prove you're a pawn of the system, as you accuse your critics ...

I belonged to the system, but I got there after the uprising of October 1988 , calling for the application of human rights (Ali Benflis was a member of the League of Human Rights , ed.) For power as Minister of Justice, I have made great efforts to make justice independent Algeria . And I resigned three years later, when human rights have been compromised and that has not met my point of view . Yes, I belonged to the government, but I have never accepted the abuses against the population.

But you were Lieutenant Bouteflika ...

I was the companion of Bouteflika in the 1999 elections . After the victory , I was three years in office as Chief of Staff of the Presidency and head of government. But during the last three months of 2003 , a dispute arose about the law on hydrocarbons. The president wanted the foreign company that discovers an oil field to become the owner and gives the Algerian government that taxation of oil. Coming from a family revolutionary in a country that is free of colonialism , I could not accept a new one. I am strongly opposed to this law and put an end to my duties. Fortunately, Bouteflika finally back on the text before it is finally adopted.

You never commented on the huge turnout rate ( over 48% ) . Some analysts attribute the lack of substantive discussion during the election campaign ...

This is wrong, I do not accept this judgment . During the campaign, I set my program in 48 provinces and I understood more than 105 meetings and debates on television and radio. It was not a conflict between Bouteflika and Benflis . I did not get the support , because I am a candidate against someone, but because I explained my program of national renewal in length and breadth . Now , it is true that abstention is there. Proponents of the boycott felt that there was the best way to criticize a system rotten and corrupt. They are right to say it. In my case , I chose the ' other way. Participating in the contest , traveling across the country and explain the Algerian people there would be no fraud until the last day and then had to change the system, and I brought this change.

You kill the system, but what do you mean by that? Who is your opponent today ?

The opponent is fraud in the election, but it is also the failure of politics. At the moment there are no plans for Algeria. Me, I presented a . This makes fifteen years since the presidential candidate ( Bouteflika , ed) is there. It does not have a democracy, you do not have the transparent ballot boxes , no need to lift the economy , there is no need for an independent judiciary. You do not have a free press . You do not have an independent Constitutional Council . You do not have a justice totally free. This is the record. This is what I explained to the public . His project is the past . And the past is nothing.

Do not think , however, have failed in your business seduction of a young Algerian totally disillusioned ?

Think again . 80% of my meetings participants were young, boys and girls. It is those who have made my campaign . Also, my program was essentially intended for them.

Why did not you call your supporters to demonstrate after the election?

I will meet all those who have supported me and who number in the millions . I'll make a tour through some of the wilaya create a front, a party, a political space where I collect all these people. Here's how I'll continue political activity .

But the Stalinist score did not showed that the Algerian government was hostile to reform ?

As a politician , I am opposed to violence. I will gather as much Algerian and Algerian explain to my new project , and I'm going to win the hearts and minds of those who have not may be able to win this time to prepare for the future. And I think that the situation is now Algeria, and the state of health of the president, I will be required at short maturities .
Ali Benflis : “C’est moi qui ai été élu !”

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