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mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

After the presidential elections: The FLN awakens his demons

According Algerie ,
"Today I will meet the members of the Political Bureau to discuss the date of the meeting of the Central Committee ," he said yesterday Belayat L ' Expression .
After the period of respite. The house FLN resume his troubles . The post- presidential election promises to be eventful .
The general secretary Amar Saadani , will be challenged by his opponents again. The former coordinator of the national office , Abderrahmane Belayat , take things in hand . "Today I will meet the members of the Political Bureau to discuss the date of the meeting of the Central Committee ," he said yesterday M.Belayat L ' Expression . The official said that he never gave up on this case . "We were realistic in the light of the presidential election , to prove that we are not disruptive ," he said, she said , reiterating its determination to hold the meeting of the central committee .
" There will be a single point agenda , ie at the end of the holiday period and to elect a secretary-general at the head of the party" , he said, he decided refusing to acknowledge the status of ' current occupant of the seat of the FLN . Our interlocutor said that the application is still pending at the wilaya of Algiers. "We have not had a response to date ," said he witnessed .
Very confident, M.Belayat said that the dossier submitted is complete and that the regulation of the party granting him the right to convene a meeting of the central committee . " We have more than 257 members of the Central Committee that require the performance of the central committee ," he said .
In case of refusal of the administration to authorize the carrying out of the Central Committee , Mr. Belayat persists and signs that he will not be silent. "In this case , it will be an illegal decision , " he said. M.Belayat persists and signs that will never give up holding the central committee to put the party back on track. The ' hatchet is buried far from the FLN . Pending the election period , the conflict between the rectifier and the current leadership of the party will again spread his dirty laundry on the columns of the press. The departure of Saadani head of the party is an imminent problem after the presidential election . "Given his attacks against the military , his departure is only a matter of time," says a source close to the party. This will depend on the decision of the administration. If you give the green light to keep the central committee , which are de facto leader of the FLN is called the bridge. It should be remembered that since the appointment of Amar Saadani to lead the party August 29 , the gap has widened in the majority party between supporters and opponents .
They cry a robbery and complained of a violation of the rules of the party. Depriving Saadani , rectifiers filed January 28 request for a meeting of the Central Committee to elect a new head of the FLN . The initiators of the sling against Saadani that deny the legitimacy and legality of his position, remain optimistic about the response of the Ministry of the Interior, but fail to provide a date for the holding of the meeting of the CC should remove Saadani .
Après l’élection présidentielle: Le FLN réveille ses démons

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