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mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Opening of the International Exhibition of computers (SICOM 2014)

According Algérie ,
The 23rd edition of the International Exhibition of computer, office and communication technologies ( SICOM 2014 ) is open Tuesday to maritime Safex Pins in Algiers.
The SICOM 2014 is a veritable showcase of proposals , both hardware and software, the Algerian market to disseminate new technologies, " organizers said . Cloud computing , an increase in solution in businesses and homes, in recent years, is to center of this 23rd edition , which runs until April 26.
Cloud ( cloud) is a system that allows the storage of computer data on free or rented on a computer server application . Workshops and conferences will be organized on the sidelines of the exhibition to disclose this area to the public and highlight its importance for companies in a time when mobile broadband is actually installed in Algeria and that the Internet should be more accessible and more efficient .
"The use of Cloud Computing is more than vital for the economic plan , " is an estimate. The Fair was inaugurated by the Minister of Post and Information and Communication Technology , Zohra Derdouri and Communications Minister , Abdelkader Messahel .
In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the event , Ms. Derdouri said that cloud computing is a tool "very important" to the Algerian ICT strategy .
"We will work with all stakeholders to find solutions that ensure the optimum safety the use of these new technologies , " he said.
Ms. Derdouri was pleased to see that many companies Algerian particularly those run by young people have invested in the development of applications and solutions .
"As far as we are concerned and after having developed infrastructure, we will focus our strategy on the development of applications and solutions ," he assuré.De his side Messahel welcomed the level reached by some companies that specialize in information technology and communication and created by young entrepreneurs from different devices to help youth employment, including Ansej . The Minister also welcomed the ' use of modern technology by the Algerian media , especially television .
Ouverture du salon international de l’informatique (Sicom2014)

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