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martedì 22 aprile 2014

Presidential: Spain, the first country to congratulate Algeria

Spain is the first country to congratulate the Algerian presidential election . In a statement, the contents of which were published by the official , the government reported that the Iberian electoral event took place in a climate of " peace , transparency and pluralism ."
Spain in fact speaks of Algeria as a " reliable partner " and a " major reference " for the stability of the region. Spain then considered to be the first country to submit its congratulations for the election criticized by some . The town offers security in an election that saw Abdelaziz Bouteflika elected for a fourth term with 81.53 % of the votes , while his health became problematic when you do not have the ability , for example, to make an official visit to a country.
E ' in this context to remember that the official who had last visited Algeria before the presidential election is the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Garcia- Margallo . At the hearing , which gave the head of state , had made ​​statements that were controversial . Bouteflika has presented a complaint to the Spanish Minister Ali Benflis the other candidate . " For a few moments lacked elegance. There are calls for violence and unorthodox behavior and anti - democratic ," Bouteflika said on the campaign, adding : "That candidate is threatening the walis and the authorities to pay attention to our families and our children in case of fraud , what it means, " apparently a reference to rival Ali Benflis , who won only 12:18 % .
Some have interpreted this as an invitation to a foreign country to interfere in the internal affairs of Algeria. And this is the same as that Spain has sent the first congratulations

the eternal President Bouteflika

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