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giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Do we have the right to protest in Senegal?

According Algérie Focus,
Several events were prevented by the authorities in Senegal since April . What makes fear the worst for the Senegalese civil society , supported by the local press.
 Disturbing facts for freedom protests
Saturday, April 19 , the prefect of Dakar prohibits the movement " NO to the Wall" to manifest , reports RFI French radio , on its website. This collective struggle against " slashing maritime spaces " in the capital of Senegal . A week earlier, the same movement was suppressed , while participating in a sit -in. 28 people were arrested and then released in the evening. Senegalese police used tear gas to disperse the protesters, according to RFI .
Events of this type have already been noticed in Senegal in recent weeks . Thus , an opposition and a party organization of unemployed graduates were allowed to manifest , according to RFI .
Civil society is concerned
For organizations such as the Civil Forum , these prohibitions are " recognized for two years ." " Still, it's the pretext of disturbing public order which is used to forbid people to march peacefully , while the right to work is a constitutional freedom guarantee that any State should be respected. This trend , unfortunately, is currently dent the image of the Senegalese democracy is often cited as an example , "said Bakary Malouine Faye , program officer in the Civil Forum , in comments reported by RFI .
Several civil society protest against what appears to them as a process of "freezing of civil liberties in the rule of law in a democracy ." This is indeed the opinion of Mr. Assane Ndiaye Dioma , president of the Senegalese Human Rights League . "One of the gains that were expected of this new system is , at least , the consolidation of both individual freedoms and civil liberties. Unfortunately, today we see more and more vulnerability of these freedoms , " he said according to reports about RFI . He even adds that in his opinion " the Senegalese no longer have the right to protest ." The prefect of Dakar, meanwhile, has justified the ban on the demonstration under the pretext that " another demonstration was recorded at the same place and at the same time ."
The Republic of Senegal is currently led for two years by the President Macky Sall, successor Abdoulaye Wade , who had remained in power from 2000 to 2012.
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