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lunedì 28 aprile 2014

Yemen: thousands of protesters to the independence of South

According to " Le ,
Thousands of Yemenis have gathered Sunday Moukalla and Aden to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the civil war and claim the independence of the South was an independent state before 1990.
"We demand independence " was the key slogan of the event held at the call of the radical fringe of the movement led by South Hassab Baoum .
" We swear to no longer accept to be ruled from Sanaa , " shouted the crowd wearing the flags of former South Yemen in a Moukalla , capital of the province of Hadramout in the southeast of Yemen. On 27 April 1994, the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh has declared war Southerners after an attempt at separation , four years after the merger of the Yemen in a single country .
The Union army had crushed the attempt, but some Southerners who feel discriminated against by the North, continue to seek the revival of the former South Yemen .
Difficult fringe of Southern Movement boycotted the national dialogue in Yemen , which has led to the adoption of the principle of a federal Yemen composed of six regions , including two in the south.
One of the organizers of the event Khaled al- Kouthaïri AFP reiterated refusal of the factions Hassan Baoum results of the national dialogue , which does not recognize , he says, "the right of the South to be free and to restore its state. "
At his side, one of the activists of the Southern cause , Bakazkouz Basser , stated that " the rally is a message to the world to say that the South is under occupation since the war began in 1994. "
In a statement, the organizers have asked for a "unity of the South to deal with the occupation of the North. "
In Aden , the former capital of South Yemen , thousands of separatists have also shown , but were prevented by security forces to meet in a town square.
A source in the security services explained this decision with the presence in the vicinity of the place of meeting of security forces HQ, foreign consulates and offices of international organizations.

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