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mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Mr Ali Benflis demands and protests against the "victory" of Bouteflika!

I think Algeria has a completely different story from that of the Ivory Coast . Mr Gbagbo had really won the presidential elections . According to authoritative sources , Mr Ouattara. acctuel the president was elected by foreign forces who supported an undemocratic election. And although Mr Ouattara is a Muslim original Burkina Faso , it was chosen by the former late President Houphouet Boigny to lead his government in the 90s . France is the first partnersh Côte -d ' ivory and several African countries of the former colony . Mr Gbagbo was an anti -European, and especially an anti-French , who never ceased to manifest xenophobic resentment and revolutionary , as was Boumediene , Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Ethiopia Haile Selasie .. ..
Benflis is nothing but a true Algerian citizen who claims his rights against his real Algerian people. These elections are past me back 49 years ago when we found ourselves between the anvil and the hammer, ie of the famous President Boumediene organized itself the elections and no opposite . Algerians were forced to vote by a very short YES and without any discussion or claim. Although the system has changed, but not the people who are still here to ride the Algerian people in several ways. The democratic world laughs this farce presidential election . Mr Bouteflika is practically the government now for thirty years. It's really funny! ! You can not change the mentality of a country with the same people in power . Too bad for those who believed and still believe in the fables of this fun power !

Ali Benflis

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