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venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Bouteflika wins too in a wheelchair??

Only in between time of sadness for the country and for all Algerians . It would seem the only man who is capable of presiding over this country. This ugly and bad power continues on the road to dictatorship and oppression, of contempt against the Algerian people . The whole world laughs about it and pretends nothing , until there is a collective interest among gangs , the problems do not exist. Elections fake and liars who continue to always yield a great benefit to these shameful thieves who hide behind the Quran and the Arabic language . A language that does not even know about. These criminals who ignore the Algerian people and they do not stop to take advantage of the goodness of his ignorance and especially the people who continue to support them only out of fear. Freedom of expression does not exist and has never existed in Algeria. Discuss at the bar or in a " Bistro" does not mean anything, what matters is declared through the media.
Most local newspapers are limited by the state , which obliges them to publish everything that is in their favor and delete everything that is the opposite. Here is the Algeria of today and yesterday, pretty much since 1962 that these ( ( good guys) ) are fighting for the chair. And ' better a foreigner who respects me as a fellow who rejects me .

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