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sabato 19 aprile 2014

Medical putsch ​​against Bouteflika??

Medical coup d' état ​​against Bouteflika ? ?
INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE? ? A president elected with 81.53 % of votes, more or less , this result resembles that of former Tunisian President Ben Ali. Even the god, the creator is not like 60% ​​of the land , although there's atheists, agnostics, secular and etc ... represents the god Bouteflika in Algeria , ( ( all citizens the like so they are near to die for him , people who still live based on honesty, sacrifice , hospitality , pride , honor, and especially of sentimentalism , where most of the Algerian found refuge in the inset leading to the total loss, failure , despair and especially the cultural and material poverty. This president wanted to show indulgence to all the poor of Africa by eliminating debt 15 country? ? of these 15 countries , there there's no one who loves or respects Algeria. last week I had the opportunity to watch a short film about the Algerian television " Echorouk " j ' had heard a southern Algerian who lived in a precarious situation and poor who told of asking a house in the state, but he hopes to have and not only , I realized the horrible poverty that has reached this region a cruèle manner . I think this clan works only regions appreciated by Bouteflika.
Algeria is in the extreme oppression and dictatorship . The world watches in silence and do not move a single finger . As long as there of interests , everything works perfectly .
Here's successor in a few months , or 1-2- or 3 years,
This power has prepared its ground war, despite the high court of justice requires supprème physiological and moral ability to access this very large task, to become President of the Algerian Republic , it must first be good physical and mental health , which requires an article of the constitution. Mr Bouteflika was forced not only to vote but also to assign him to win a fourth term. He personally is not able to account for his actions. This criminal has committed to a very large error criminal vis- à-vis Algerian citizens who believe blindly these criminals who abused occuppent the Algerian state .
A quick medical condition is already prepared against Bouteflika , otherwise in case of his death, he will be replaced by one of their clan , as in the case of former President Ben Ali of Tunisia.
To refresh your ideas , here are some excerpts from his medical coup against Habib Bourguiba :
Mr Ben Ali became president of Tunisia, November 7, 1987 , after doctors convinced easily Bourguiba to declare that the " president for life " was unable to perform the duties of the presidency. The transition took place in a peaceful manner , in accordance with Article 57 of the Tunisian Constitution. The state was on the verge of economic collapse (10 % inflation , external debt reached 46 % of GDP) and the risk of a military attack by Algeria, which was added to the alleged discovery of a project coup by the Islamic fundamentalist movement trend - originally known as the Islamic action before taking the name of al- Harakat al- Islami Ittijah - Movement Islamic Tendency ( MTI ) , and in 1989 , Hizb al - Nahda ( renaissance Party ) , or Ennahda , then remained to the present day - including 76 members of the organization were convicted in 1987.
In what became known as the " medical coup d' State" has been facilitated by some secret service SISMI , including indication of Bettino Craxi . In 1999 Fulvio Martini , former head of Italian military secret service , told a parliamentary committee that " In 1985-1987 we organized a kind of golpe in Tunisia , putting president Ben Ali as head of state instead of Bourguiba. " The dean of 84 years of Bourguiba , although it was a symbol of anti- colonial resistance , was considered incapable of governing his country 's precarious mental state and his reaction to Islamic fundamentalism was considered " a too energetic " by Martini. Acting under directives Bettino Craxi, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martini claims to have brokered the deal that led to the peaceful transition of power in the hands of Zine El - Abidine Ben Ali.

Z. Ben Ali (former president - Bouteflika current president of Algeria.

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