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lunedì 28 aprile 2014

A Tunisian pursued and arrested for taking part in an anti-Bouteflika Barakat

A young Tunisian named Moez Ben NSIB resident in Algeria, where he works, is accused by the Algerian authorities for taking part in an anti-Bouteflika movement led by Barakat.
He was recently arrested by the police at a recent protest anti-Boutaflika conducted by that movement even though his employer confirmed his innocence0
But justice Algerian accused of "unauthorized demonstration on public roads," after his arrest by the police in the streets of Algiers.
Ben NSIB is supported by the League of Human Rights Algeria and the Algerian association "RAJ" call for her release and that of his friend, ensuring that the two young people have participated in the sit-in protest in question, but it's been by-case basis at the wrong time and the wrong place.
Un Tunisien poursuivi pour participation à une manifestation anti-Bouteflika de Barakat

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