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giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Boston: American Muslims race against religious extremism

A year after the attacks of Boston, Muslims in America are fighting negative images about their religion and launched several initiatives against religious extremism.
Improve the image of Islam is not an easy task in the United States , where many Islamophobic amalgams are made between terrorism and Islam. Boston Muslims have decided to act to undermine those few people who commit crimes in the name of Islam.
Initiatives against extremism in the United States
Following the attack of Boston, the Muslim community had reacted strongly condemning these acts. Meanwhile, several Muslim organizations , the Islamic Society of North America (Islamic Society of North American , ISNA) , the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC ) and the Council on American -Islamic Relations (CAIR ) , have created a fund solidarity for the victims of the attacks of Boston , reports the daily Muslim Saphirnews .
Thus, one year after the tragedy of Boston, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC ) has launched a guide to prevention against religious extremism. This guide will serve to " equip leaders of the American Muslim community practical tools to deal with some cases of extremism that may arise in the United States " describes Saphirnews . Indeed, the Daily News says Sapphire in an article that " the vast majority of American Muslims have no connection with extremism. But the whole community is pointed when tragedies occur unfairly attributed to Islam like the attacks of September 11 or Boston, generating discourse and Islamophobic attacks . "
 A very popular marathon
The deadly attack, which had three dead and 264 wounded, occurred during the marathon April 15, 2013 was committed by two young brothers , Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , of Chechen origin and Muslim religion. Despite this, the marathon in 2014 , which took place on Monday, April 21 , hosted 36,000 participants , more than last year, when 27,000 runners took part in the famous running. This year , Muslims who participated in marathons under the slogan of the city "Boston Strong" have paid tribute to the victims while speaking out against religious extremism and terrorism.

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