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lunedì 28 aprile 2014

France had paid a ransom of $ 18 million to free the hostages journalists

The President of the French Republic François Hollande who spoke April 20 on the occasion of the release of French hostages held in Syria , explained that his country " ( paid ) no ransom " in the affairs of hostages . According to him, "This is a very important principle that the kidnappers may be tempted to rob others. " . "Everything is done through negotiations, discussions, " he said.
But a week after these statements , the German magazine Focus has published a survey in which we are taught that France would have paid a ransom of 18 million dollars ( 13 million euros) to release the four French journalists held hostage Syria since June 2013.
According to Focus , the French defense minister , Jean- Yves Le Drian , who would himself conveyed to Ankara, the funds should be paid to the kidnappers . Funds which were subsequently handed over to the kidnappers , the group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ( EIIL ) by Turkish sercrets services.
Also according to the German magazine quoting experts from NATO, the French intelligence services were informed of the detention of four journalists from the beginning of the hostage . But they would have abandoned the idea of armed intervention to free because of the fighting that shook Syria.
Recall that the hostages who returned to France there is a week were found by a patrol of the Turkish army on the night of April 19 to 20 near the small Turkish town of Akçakale , bordering Turkish- Syrian .
Finally, the information reported by Focus is not the first of its kind since France is often cited in cases of payment of ransom for the release of its nationals. Information that create a doubt Paris practices even if they are quickly denied by the French authorities.
And above information which react countries like the United States or of Algeria who believe that the alleged practices of France particularly in the Sahel are allowing armed groups to raise large sums of money then serve them to finance their subversive activities.
La France aurait payé une rançon de 18 millions de dollars pour libérer les journalistes otages

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