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sabato 26 aprile 2014

Sonatrach Case II: The Italian justice research Farid Bedjaoui by Interpol

The Sonatrach II scandal back in the news in April, since just learned that Nourredine Farid Bedjaoui is wanted by Interpol. businessman with three nationalities, Algerian, French and Canadian news would have been entitled to its red on the website of the International Criminal Police Organization, at the request of the Italian justice system.
Recall that Bedjaoui, who is the nephew of former Foreign Minister Mohamed Bedjaoui, is one of nine people involved in the corruption case Sonatrach II. The people who are the subject of international arrest warrants issued by Algeria in August and which include, Chakib Khelil, his wife and two children.
Farid Bedjaoui is wanted by Italian justice charged with "conspiracy to corruption." According to the Italian press, the man is believed to have been the main intermediary in a corruption scandal Sonatrach II.
In fact, the prosecutor in Milan (Italy) has opened an investigation into the conditions for obtaining contracts by Saipem for a total of $ 8 billion between 2007 and 2009 with Sonatrach suspect Bedjaoui, have received many bunches from the same Italian company ( Saipem), in exchange for oil contracts in Algeria.
Affaire Sonatrach II : La justice italienne fait rechercher Farid Bedjaoui par Interpol

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