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mercoledì 30 aprile 2014

rights and political

Photo de Bernard Doh.
Bernard Doh
Man has always lived in society since antiquity, once said to wild time where life was limited to the collection of plants from nature, hunting animals to cook and feed the family with the rudimentary instruments such as the snare, the flè fishing in the fresh fish provided thanks to the canoe at that time was not equipped engine . fire was known by man, this instrument is a source of life allowing him to eat after as measured and as time passes , the country is expanding then pose problems social order, requiring organization of the organic type .
Ethics, Law and Policy
The man in the singular behavior has its own " ethics " allowing it to relationner its like to live together more harmoniously désornais based on rules that are imposed by the group of belonging and respected by all "right" risk punitive sanctions genres.tous all those who live in this country have this humble human duty to organize and participate in daily life, and thus was born the word says "politics" which in addition is synonymous with paix.mais used to generate bad purposes in enterprises of bloody wars with both endless spanning generations.
Indeed, democracy is still the form of government most adapt our societies to a peaceful and sustainable living in a world of perpetual conflict. by bernard doh sg . FPI brescia
Bernard Di Doh .

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