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martedì 29 aprile 2014

Champions League. Guardiola, all in one night. It serves the enterprise

Slimane Melab
Slimane MELAB
Tonight, two great teams take the field of world football, Bayern and Real Madrid , the first is at the top of German football , while the second and the top of Spanish football but with an Italian coach at the highest level , Ancelotti is the engine of this new inspiring real good football with great plays very high technical level . The Mr. Ancelotti has managed to rebuild and to establish a new image with its Italian spirit , Emilia , with a very open and sociable character but mainly full of trophies, as the greatest player of Rome and especially Milan , on the other hand as a coach has a list of winners of great respect , in short, a winning everywhere as his colleague Mourinho. Regarding Pep Guardiola, has won everything with Barca , building a great team stellar . This year he has already won the league title with Bayern and has managed to impose itself a wonderful game this Bayern who is following in the footsteps of Barcelona. In my opinion it will be tough for all teams , we will see a great Italian coach Ancelotti against a great young Spanish coach that promises a great future. Surely we will see a great game which will not miss the excitement . The Wishing that the best man win , I cordially greet all the Italian sports and the world.
Pep Guardiola, 43 anni, e Carlo Ancelotti, 54. Ansa
Pep Guardiola, 43 years old, and Carlo Ancelotti, 54. Ansa

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