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martedì 21 ottobre 2014

An American soldier hugs a woman in niqab: Advertising that is controversial in the United States

HuffPost Maghreb | By Ines Bel Aiba
Published: 11/05/2013 12:05 CET Updated: 6/11/2013 4:18 p.m. CET
He is an American soldier. She, a woman in niqab. It embraces as she poses in a carefully manicured hand with an alliance prominently on his chest.

It is on a huge billboard in Los Angeles you can see, touting an anti-snoring product. Under this slogan: "To keep you together."
Controversial claro. #betogether

- Óscar Ramírez (@ osro89) November 2, 2013

The image, at least surprising, shocked some. Others said they were "delighted" that prejudice be rushed. The company, SnoreStop, for his part that the pub is to promote tolerance and to reflect the diversity of its customers.

"With this new campaign, we want to celebrate diversity, equality," said Christian DeRivel, a brand manager. "Because this campaign shows people that you do not usually see, we have a controversy. We just hope this campaign will make people talk."

"I am very happy to be part of a campaign that promotes diversity," added the singer Lexy Panterra, the woman in niqab on the poster, which purports to have a "white" mother and a "Persian" father.

Americans have welcomed the campaign as the veteran Gulf War who posts a photo of his veiled wife and their five sons.

JessicaSClinempac_national USNavy I'm a Gulf War Veteran. This is my wife and our five sounds ...

- Torvid Haavig (TorvidHaavig) November 5, 2013

This veiled surfer and married to a soldier told her "happy to see us represented as a couple."
mpac_national I am married to active duty a US sailor, and I cover as well. I am happy to see us as a pair BE Represented. #betogether

- Jessica (JessicaSCline) November 5, 2013

"If you have Muslims in a pub that has nothing to do with religion (...), it is a sign that we are accepted as a cultural element," said a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations to our colleagues in the Huffington Post United States.

But everyone does not agree.

"Racist" and "distasteful"

In a scathing article published in the Guardian, an Iraqi, Aseel Machi, said the billboard is "racist and repugnant."

"What is particularly frustrating is that for SnoreStop, the average Muslim woman wears the niqab. (...) It's like SnoreStop had found no other way to identify this woman as a Muslim than making him wear a niqab, "she laments.

Moreover, "as an Iraqi, when I see a man dressed in military uniform (...) with a Muslim in his arms, I think of the atrocities committed against not only men, but also women and children during the brutal years of 'democracy and freedom' that ravaged my country, "she says.

"Put a Muslim woman who does not even represent the current image of a Muslim in America, in the hands of a man who is an institution responsible for the terror and pain of many Muslims in the world (not just in Iraq) is not only insensitive, it's disturbing, "she said.

On social networks, the pub has also been criticized for its "bad taste." And some say they do not understand, simply illustrate the interest of an advertisement for an anti-snoring product with such a photo.

"So basically, marry a Muslim and your snoring problems will disappear!" Quipped a user
So basically marry a muslim and your snoring problems will go away! How's that related i don't know lol

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