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martedì 28 ottobre 2014

The first biometric national identity card will be issued in February 2015

According to "Algé"
The Director General of modernization, documentation and archives at the Department of Interior and Local Government, Abderrezak Me heni announced Monday, handing the first national biometric cards will be in February 2015.
Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with the managers and technicians in the wilaya of Tipasa, he recalled that "the operation is part of the modernization strategy of the different structures of the Ministry to facilitate issuing administrative documents and improve the public service. "
In terms of the license, Me heni reported "the development of the national file of this document is nearing completion allowing the citizens to remove any daïra across the country."
On the biometric passport and the registration card, the same official directed the departments concerned to ensure that these documents are "delivered in record time, especially as the technical system used permits".
He added that "some daïras deliver an average of 160 passports a day" and called for "not giving appointments and to support all applications."
La première carte d’identité nationale biométrique délivrée en février 2015

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