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venerdì 31 ottobre 2014

Statement by Bernard Emie, French Ambassador to Algeria after handing his credentials to President Bouteflika: "This is a new page that will open"

According to "Algeria"
I had the honor of being received by His Excellency Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria, to give him my credentials. I feel very proud to represent France in Algeria, this friendly countries, partner countries which binds us so long shared history. For France, the relationship with Algeria is equal to no other. And on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the 1st November 1954, I measure the vast field that provides for the future of our relationship.
I arrived in Algeria with simple and ambitious both objectives: - to act in line with the decisions taken by the two presidents during the state visit of President Holland in December 2012 to bring in the highest relations of friendship and cooperation. - We always coordinate more work for the settlement of international crises and regional both affecting us, including Mali and Libya.
- Strengthen Economic Partnership to attract French investors in Algeria, but Algerian in France, co-locating industrial production activities in the interest of economy and your partnership. I'm in Oran and in a few days to attend the inauguration by Prime Minister Sellal the Renault factory in Oran. Then in a few months as at the end of the year, there will Intergovernmental High Level Committee where Prime Minister Sellal be received in Paris by Prime Minister Valls.
But it is also to: - develop our cultural exchanges and the use of French in Algeria. This language that we are fortunate to have in common. - Facilitate the arrival in France of Algerian students who are already 23,000. - Multiply humans, so rich links between our two countries. There are nearly 350,000 Algerians who will come in France this year and nearly 120,000 French will come to Algeria in 2014. And then we must also capitalize on the diversity and richness of the Algerian community in France that I warmly welcome and represents over 80% of Algerians living abroad, and for me, working also with tens of thousands of French living in Algeria.
I discussed all these issues with Mr. President who assured me of his full support in this proactive action and determined that we will continue together.
We talked of course regional and terrorism as attacks against which we fight hand in hand. I thanked the President, and through all the Algerian people for solidarity messages from Algeria at the cowardly kidnapping and murder of our fellow Hervé Gourdel.
And I also pointed out how this tragedy should not separate us but to bring us closer and lead us to still more work together for peace and stability in the region. In total, this is a great new page that we have to open all between Algeria and France, a page in which we must bear in mind the past, but a page on which we can write as a future very bright.
Déclaration de bernard emié, ambassadeur de france en algérie après la remise de ses lettres de créance au président bouteflika : « C’est une nouvelle page que nous allons ouvrir »

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